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Barry E. Newman


Defective Products 

Every year, thousands of people are injured or killed due to defectively designed and manufactured products. 

Did you know that the Consumer Products Safety Commission, the branch of the Federal Government tasked with the safety of products, has no authority to mandate recall of a dangerous product?  

Defective Products.

A product can be defective if it fails to meet the reasonable expectations of a consumer or if its risk outweighs its usefulness. A product can be defective by its design, its manufacture or in its instructions or warnings. Some products are so dangerous they cannot be made safe. An obvious example of such a product is a Grenade.


My competition marksman client bought a new custom holster for his  pistol. The first time he holstered his gun, it fired and hurt him. After 6 other lawyers declined the case, I made a substantial recovery, proving that the holster pulled the trigger whenever the pistol was inserted.   

 Why Call Me?  

Products claims can be demanding and expensive to litigate. Big companies fight hard to protect their reputations -- and bank accounts. In one case, one expert charged us more than $300,000 to prove that one microscopically sized electrical pad on a 1" relay caused an airplane crash.


I have personally tried defective product claims before a Jury to verdict. I have  handled death and injury claims involving children's toys, airplanes,  boats, cars, medical devices and medications. Some of them can be found on my Results page.






A boat's  windshield detached and struck my client in the face, causing a Brain injury after being 
installed using   only 1/8" sheet
metal screws in fiberglass without a
backing plate.











If someone you love was fatally or catastrophically injured by a defective product please call me to discuss it at (904)309-6500.


The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask for free information about my qualifications and experience.