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2021 by
Barry E. Newman


The media frequently seeks my expert commentary on important aviation matters. Above, a New York CNN affiliate interviews me at the capital for its 3-part expose on air traffic control negligence and the FAA's lack of accountability.


Verdict Reporter 
$8.25 Million settlement
in Texas FAA litigation after
controllers vector airplane into
Level 5 thunderstorm



FAA Failure



Plane & Pilot magazine featured a story condemning the FAA for its lack of emergency training that caused the deaths of my client and his two passengers in a B35 Bonanza


Jury Trial Verdict 

$1.3 Million for pedestrian
injured in Tallahassee
Intersection collision


The Florida Times Union  reported that Kenya's Attorney General approved my request to act as lead advocate in a   Nairobi helicopter trial.

Jury Trial Verdict 

$3.65 Million for trip and
fall victim in K-Mart
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Trial Verdict Report 
$351,319 for bar patron
assaulted by bouncer


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2021 AOPA
New FAA debate
over returning
to field after power loss following client's crash

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Article on transient electronic faults being difficult to detect


FAA to pay $10 Million  
After 4 people died in a Jacksonville plane crash, a federal judge largely blamed air traffic controllers for failing to provide accurate, complete and timely weather information to the pilot.



FAA Negligence
ATC cleared my client to land opposite to runway traffic before mid-air collision



Landmark Accidents
Court rules FAA has to provide pilots with time, accurate and complete weather


  Officers Sue Over Crash


Two Jacksonville Sheriff's Office patrolmen injured when their boat crashed into an unlit support pier during Super Bowl festivities have filed notice they plan to pursue claims against the state. James Brunet, a scuba diver assigned to the Sheriff's Office mountain bike division, and Keith Nazworth, assigned to the Sheriff's Office marine unit, announced their intentions Monday with their attorney, Barry E. Newman. 


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Airborne Law Enforcement 
Faculty at its 2013 and 2104  Conventions

2013 ABA Seminar
Presenter in the ethics of witness preparation


Lawyers Sue State
Over Adoption Backlog

TALLAHASSEE, Fla., Nov. 25 /PRNewswire/ --

 In an unusual legal action, attorneys and children's rights advocates, Helen Spohrer and Barry Newman, filed a Petition for a Writ of Mandamus in the First District Court of Appeal today. The filing, which comes just three days after National Adoption Day, asks The First District Court of Appeal to force Florida's Department of Children and Families to end an adoption backlog of more than 100 children in Duval County, Florida. "There are at least 100 children in Duval County who should have been adopted by now, but are caught in the system's red tape," said in a press conference held yesterday in Jacksonville.




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