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Barry E. Newman

Premises Claims

Property owners are obligated to keep their premises safe and to warn of hidden hazards. When they skimp, people get hurt!  


Criminal Attacks.


Criminals prey on the easiest targets. When apartment complexes and other businesses in high crime areas fail to maintain their security cameras, lighting, fencing and patrols, criminal attacks become foreseeable.  



Retail businesses and grocers have an obligation to keep their floors safe. When they don't and you get hurt, they should bear the consequences.







A Jacksonville  trial Jury awarded my client more than $3.65 Million dollars after being offered only $5,000 to settle. 





Kmart rolled-up its floor mats and laid them across its doorway before closing. My client fell over them, injuring her back. Kmart painted her as a liar and faker. The Jury apparently realized that K-Mart was the liar.   



A Tip.
Claimants have the burden to prove what caused a fall. Photograph the incident area, demand that management make a written report and ask them to preserve any security video that may have captured the incident. Note who was aware of the incident and get witness names and addresses.  


If someone you love was assaulted, killed or seriously injured on a dangerous premises, please call me as soon as possible at (904)309-6500.


The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask for free information about my qualifications and experience.